Horror 365 Movie(s) 298: Thrift Store Thursday X

Here’s some more VHS glory I have of late wrested from a number of thrift stores. The Tolkien tape I picked up cuz it was there. I’m not actually much of a fan, but I do love me a documentary. Cruel Intentions is a must have. As is The Jayne Mansfield Story starring not just Loni Anderson but Arnold! More horrifying than horror I guess, but still…for 98¢ who could say no?

I don’t know anything about Address Unknown, but it’s in “ain’t even outta the plastic wrap” mint condition. The synopsis on the back states that Matt and Tarra each lost a parent on the same night “under unusual circumstances.” Their “tragic common bond leads to friendship and adventure after Matt turns in an old, sealed mailbag he discovered in an abandoned mine shaft—and receives one of the letters.”

I mean I’ve certainly watched dumber sounding things. I suffered the untold agonies of Bloodsucking Freaks, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things and Documenting The Witch Path. Plus it’s put out by Feature Films For Families with the tagline “Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment.” Way to hawk that jeebusy propaganda. Who knows? Maybe it’s got some Thief In The Night shit goin’ on.

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