Horror 265 Movie(ish) 300! Yep, Post #300!


The end is indeed in sight, true believers! 300 goddamn posts! A mere 65 left to go! Normally I would take some time to celebrate a momentous occasion such as this. However, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m attending a big gaming weekend out here in the western mountains of the great 7th State, so this is another quick post.

Now that I think about it, a bunch of gamer nerds in a house in the woods for the weekend. Sounds like a nice little horror premise. Guess I shoulda set up some cameras.

Anyway, here’s what’s gonna be goin’ on as we near the finish line. My plan is to go another couple weeks doin’ pretty much what I’ve been doing—whatever the hell I feel like. But once we get down to the Final 50, I’m gonna circle back around to how this whole godforsaken idea started: pulling random titles out of The Cinema Coffee Can and reviewing whichever title my big ol’ bear paw digs out.

I’ll still be doing Top 10 Tuesday, Thrift Store Thursday, and Full Moon Friday, and maybe a little something extra special to mark The Final 50. Strap in!

PS—I wanted to put up something vaguely festive and celebratory in connection with Post #300 as well as to underscore the fact that I’m out here in Blair Witch country, so I thought, “Oh, I know! Oingo Boingo’s Dead Man’s Party covers both of those!” But as albums and covers go, I like Nothing To Fear waaayyy better, so yeah, there it is.

One thought on “Horror 265 Movie(ish) 300! Yep, Post #300!

  1. Nicely done my friend. My own attempt at such would have probably just involved a lot of late inning pinch hit at bats. I’m thinking when you get to the heavenly horns you should just write “word”. And yes, “Nothing To Fear”, don’t ask your mother for advice.


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