Horror 365 Movie (okay Game) 301: Pandemic- Reign Of Cthulhu

Right, so the gaming weekend is over, for me anyway. Apparently everyone else took tomorrow off. I have classes, and if I bail on those, we get too far behind. And to be fair, I didn’t wanna leave my cat for very long. He did have a very capable sitter in My Favorite Colleague. Apparently he likes sitting on her lap which he does not do with me, little rat bastard turncoat. Still, I ain’t had him very long, so I didn’t wanna be gone more than a coupla days.

What I did not think to do was schedule a blog entry for today. I’m not sure how or why that idea slipped by me, but there ya go. So here is one more quick and dirty post, and then back to our normal, regularly scheduled inane hackery tomorrow. Or at least what passes for normal here in Castle Blogferatu.

Being that I’ve been gaming all weekend, I thought I’d take a moment to mention a board game that is, up to this point. possibly my current favorite, and that’s Pandemic: Reign Of Cthulhu. This game is, for me, one of the rarest of exceptions. First of all, it’s cooperative which generally turns me against a board game right from the off a good 98% of the time. It’s the concept of cooperation. Makes me twitchy.

Of course, that only applies to board games, not straight up RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. But I digress.

Second, it’s what many of us gamer types refer to as “crunchy,” meaning there are lotsa rules and procedures and things that trigger other things. In other words, there’s a substantial cognitive burden on the player. Gotta catch me at the right time of day for such shenanigans.

And yet, I thoroughly enjoy this game. I’ve never won with any of the people I’ve played with. Not once. Some folks find that irritating, but I’ve never experienced so much happiness, nay, joy, nay, glee at losing a game. For those not familiar with basic Pandemic game play, you have a team of sciencey types trying to put down virus outbreaks around the world. Each player has a special ability that allows them to perform a specific helpful action.

There’s a mechanic by which the viruses increase, and a staggering number of things that can happen which trigger the loss of the game. Reign Of Cthulhu uses the same premise and mechanics, but instead of viruses, your team is eliminating cultists and shoggoths, sealing gates, and preventing the awakening of Old Ones. Oh and there’s an insanity mechanic that makes things super fun as well.

So, there ya go, one more post from Nerdville. Hey, at least it’s a horror game. Back tomorrow with something more directly movie related.

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