Horror 365 Movie 305: Thrift Store Thursday XI

First things first, the skull lights up. Or it will once I get new batteries for it. But obviously the big find was this 50-movie treasure trove of what I can only assume must be high-water marks of cinematic achievement. A cursory glance through the contents shows stuff spanning from the early 90s up to about 2005, with run times clocking in from 18 to 138 minutes and everything in between.

But the titles, oh the titles:

  • Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space
  • Gorno
  • Kill Them And Eat Them
  • Purvos
  • Reanimator Academy
  • Redneck County Fever
  • Shower Of Blood
  • Sorority Babes In The Dance-a-thon Of Death
  • Unborn Sins
  • and I saved the best for last, Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires

And that’s just a mere glimpse of the atrocious goodness that’s no doubt in store! I can’t wait to start posting about these. I wish I’d gotten to this gem sooner…may have really ended up doing a Schlocktober theme. Perhaps next year.


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