Horror 365 Movie (well, book) 307: Candy & Rigor Mortis Vol. 2- Post Mortem

A few years ago, 2017 to be exact, my good, long-time friend Jorge Mendez and I put together a book of horror-related poems and called it Candy & Rigor Mortis.

Jorge and I go back a good while. He’s the heart and soul of Venue On 35th Street, a local artists’ collective here in Norfolk, Virginia. He’s the host of their long-running open mic, a very talented poet in his own right, and one of the kindest, most patient human beings I’ve ever met (two things I am so not).

And of course, like myself, he’s a hhhuuuge fan, creator, and purveyor of all things horror and macabre. That’s why this past year we decided, just like in the horror movie world, it was time for a sequel. And so, next Saturday, October 16, is the official release of Candy & Rigor Mortis Vol. 2: Post Mortem.

It’s a bigger book this time around—longer pieces, different kinds of pieces, plus some fiction, prose poems, even a rap. We’ll be launching Post Mortem at the aforementioned Venue On 35th, pretty much in the form of a book release/Halloween party with readings from the book along with costumes (mine’s been ready for weeks), games, and an open mic.

Local performance poet (and mutual friend) Steph Love will be hosting/emceeing, and Richard Justis, a local comics and ‘zine artist (and another mutual friend as well), will be conducting a James Lipton/Inside The Actors Studio type interview with us. Normally I don’t much enjoy talking about myself, but I’m kinda lookin’ forward to this part.

So, if you’re in or around the Norfolk area next Saturday, stop by and see us! And this just in from our shameless self-promotion department, the book is also available on Amazon (Note: If you don’t have Prime, Amazon will hit you for tax and $5.99 shipping as well).

Or, if you wanna avoid the Beezer takin’ his cut for The Bald Dudes In Space Program, and keeping more of the revenue in the ol’ Castle Blogferatu coffers, here’s a Paypal link so folks can get a copy from me directly. I’ll have to charge shipping as well, but I’ll try to undercut Jeffy as best I can. Not gonna lie, but it’s kind of a pain. Paypal and WordPress don’t play well together.


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