Horror 365 Movie(s) 315: The Final 50!

315 posts! A mere 50 left! The light/train at the end of the tunnel! I recall saying a while back that I wanted to mark this milestone with something at least kinda special. Actually, I think I was going to do that for Post #300 originally but for some reason either I forgot or decided not to. But here we are!

So today’s celebratory post is a list, but not just any list. Some time ago I posed a question: What is a movie scene that disturbed/upset/traumatized you? What follows are the coindentally 20 responses I got to this question. In the interest of privacy, I’ve substituted people’s real names with usernames, nicknames, or first names only. There are a few exceptions, in which case, there’s probably a link to something.

It goes without saying that there will be spoilers. Let’s jump in.

  1. Ann R– the rape scene in Last House On The Left when there is a runner of spit from Krug’s mouth to the girl’s face
  2. bxbrucem– the guy with his eyes pecked out in The Birds
  3. Cinema Parrot Disco– the orgy scene from Seconds
  4. Cj– she actually gave me a number of these, but the one I’m choosing is the one she mentioned again at Venue last night: the Skeksi Chamberlain going “mmmMMMMmmmmm” in Dark Crystal
  5. cosmoforking– I’m including both of his because I love his short film Commune: as a kid, the robot assimilation scene in Superman 3! As an adult the rape scene in Irréversible. Or in fact just all of Irréversible (I’m with him on this)
  6. Dale– the death of Old Yeller (yeah, now I’m gonna be bummed out all day)
  7. dalink– the beach scene from Saving Private Ryan (originally I asked specifically for horror scenes, but she argued quite convincingly that this is, in fact, very much horror)
  8. Film Miasma– I’m listing all 3 of his because I love his blog: the murdered twins in The Shining, when that lady is looking through that peephole and (I think) Norman pops up up on the other side is Psycho 2 which “f-d me up for… a long time,” and an honorable mention would be the footage from the first ship in Event Horizon
  9. Forrest– all of Apocalypse Now cuz he watched it when he was like 10
  10. Frankenberry (author of Frankenberry’s Attic)- Malcolm McDowell singing Singin’ In The Rain in Clockwork Orange
  11. geelw (author of Destroy All Fanboys!)- the diner scene from Mulholland Drive
  12. Jennie– the Killer Dwarf killing Donald Sutherland in Don’t Look Now
  13. jexsicadigital– baby scene from Trainspotting
  14. JoeMatt– the Swamp Of Sadness from Neverending Story (jeebus I hated that as well)
  15. Mack– the basilisk from Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets which, he says, “fucked me up for years”
  16. Madame Verdurin (author of Cinemuffin)- she describes what she calls a “completely heartbreaking” scene from Blood Red Sky: the mother who’s become a vampire tries to protect her son. She repeatedly pushes the child away to put him under the sunlight. The boy can’t see the other vampires, so he just thinks his mother is pushing him away. She is completely transformed and cannot talk. The boy looks at her crying and keeps trying to go near her, and she has to push him away more violently. The more she fights to keep him safe the more he is desperate, thinking that his mother is definitely rejecting him and not recognizing him anymore (I haven’t seen this, but it sounds as bad as The Swamp Of Sadness and Old Yeller)
  17. sarahh.eileen– the turkey baster in Don’t Breathe
  18. Teech– the guy shot in the hand in Taxi Driver
  19. teridammit– decapitation by phone pole of, as she called her, “that little demon child” from Hereditary (and this woman’s a nurse, so…yeah)
  20. thevawriter (author of A View From This Wilderness)- Olivier/Hoffman dentist scene from Marathon Man. (Yeah. Is it safe?)

As for me, I actually never stopped to consider an answer. If I had to pin myself down to just one, I’d hafta go with… well… uh… it’s kind of an odd one given my ability to tolerate just about anything in a horror movie. But the “Help me” scene from the 1958 version of The Fly. Man, that voice. To this day, that voice gives me chills and makes me cringe, shudder, and wince. And that’s all of ’em! As always, feel free to leave your own down in the Comments!

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