Horror 365 Movie(s) 327: Thrift Store Thursday XIV

The latest purchase made literally minutes ago for a whoppin’ $4.23 at Thrift Store USA. I only know the name from the receipt. The big sign on the side of the building just says “Thrift Store.” So lessee here…Darjeeling Limited. Yeah, not horror, but Wes Anderson is one of my very most favoritest non-horror directors, and I needed a copy of this. The Cell I just had to get because, as bad alotta folks seem to think it is, it’s got a couple of things going for it. One is that it’s just straight up unapologetically bonkers and two, even better, Vincent D’Onofrio also being straight up unapologetically bonkers. White Noise was there, and I was already gettin’ other stuff anyway. And finally, Black Sunday. No, not 1960 Mario Bava Barbara Steele iron mask nailed to the face Black Sunday. No this is 1977 John Frankenheimer Robert Shaw Bruce Dern blimp crashing into the Superbowl Black Sunday. I have never seen a copy of this anywhere, so I figured it was a professional obligation to pick it up.

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