Horror 365 Movie(ish) 334: Thrift Store Thursday XIV

A little under the weather today, so kind of a quick post today. I think I’ve talked about Hope House before. They provide, as it states on their site, “services to adults with developmental disabilities exclusively in their own homes or apartments — regardless of how complex their disabilities may be.”

They have thrift store that I frequent, but they also have some major fund raisers. One of those is The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival (well, two of those since they have it twice a year). It’s exactly what it sounds like, and I usually pick up some cool stuff there. My point is, the thrift store always has a booth up as well with some of their more portable thrift store stuff. And that’s where I found Classic Sci-Fi TV. I love these kinds of things. Just check out the titles:

So yeah, that’s this week’s pick. Sure, it’s one item (for $3 not even opened by the way), but it’s 150 of stuff. Woo!

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