Horror 365 Movie 337: Nietzermann

Well now I’ve gone and done it. Since I watched Wekufe: The Origin Of Evil, I went down kind of a found footage rabbit hole. This kinda thing happens from time to time. At one point, for intsance, I watched The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (yet again), The Brainiac, and On The Brain all in close proximity to each other.

That’s not quite what happened in this case, but posting about Wekufe did put me in mind of the big ol’ heapin’ heppin’ of found footage I’ve watched in general. The form can be polarizing with lotsa viewers loving or hating it. The detractors aren’t wrong. It’s ridiculously easy to do found footage terribly. But when it works… *chef’s kiss*

For the curious, if you’re wondering how to immerse yourself in found footage, there’s a couple thangs you can do. One is to get on Prime and search for “pov horror.” This will give you quite a list of titles, and when you click on any of them, you’ll get the obvious list of related titles. Many (but not all) of those will obviously be found footage, including things that for some reason don’t show up under “pov horror” in the first place.

But that’s a little hit or miss. A better idea is to go check out what the good folks at Found Footage Critic have to say. They have an extensive searchable database, reviews, and lists of films by genre, decade, budget, even camera type. The staff reviews are fair and take sooo many things into consideration including reason for filming and footage purity (as in whether or not it looks composed). In other words, how plausible is all this?

Anyway, this whole spiel is my way of saying that Found Footage Critic is how I found an impressive number of these kinds of films spanning the entire spectrum from jaw-dropping amazing to “I could do better with my iPhone.” These folks led me to Wekufe as well as stuff like the god-awful waste of time that was Documenting The Witch Path. My point is, that’s how I came across Nietzermann.

So, in a bid to launch their YouTube/film/acting careers, two guys, Luke and Mack, start looking into the case of Jacques Nietzermann, a French psychic who may or may not actually exist and may or may not have predicted 9/11, the election of Barak Obama, and a 2012 global alien invasion.

What’s interesting here is that Nietzermann’s existence is both the main question of the film as well as a legit question in real life. Look him up. You’ll see what I mean. Supposedly this all started with an actual viral video of Nietzermann, but for me the jury’s still out whether or not the video itself is even real. If it’s not real, then whoever created it did a fine job giving it some authentic and très 80s vibes.

And that’s what I really dig about this movie. I’m already naturally paranoid anyway, so any given day I’m probably 3 hairs away from going full-blown conspiracy theory—not the QAnon pizza, blood drinking child trafficking Satanic democrat, fake moon landing, second coming of JFK Jr. shit. Those poor schmucks got their foil hats on wwwaaayyy too tight. No, I’m more your well-adjusted, garden variety suspicion conspiracies ’bout stuff the gummint don’t wanna tell us type.

It’s the exact same reason I loved Savageland. But I digress.

Our intrepid investigators follow a number of leads in their attempts to track down anyone or anything connected with and/or possessing information about said psychic with the intent to support or detract from the veracity of his predictions, disappearance, or very existence. The further down this path they travel, the weirder things around them get.

This leads to a number of meetings with a number of people who either don’t show up, become suddenly uncooperative, disappear shortly after the interview, provide cryptic warnings or veiled threats, and otherwise comport themselves in manners ranging from mild apprehension to chemtrails-level delusion. And that’s all I wanna say about the story. Like Wekufe, this is better the less you know goin’ in.

What I will point out is the archival footage they include. I don’t know where this stuff is from, but as I mentioned above, god damn it looks convincing. Again, I don’t wanna give away any plot points, but the end of Nietzermann is fucking chilling—one of those “what would happen if you had to prove your own sanity” dilemmas I lose sleep over.

 Streaming- POV Horror
 Rent- Apple TV, Google Play, Prime, YouTube

PS- In looking around on Found Footage Critic, I discovered they sponsor a channel called POV Horror: Found Footage Films, at a mere $5.99 a month/$49.99 a year available on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku. Yay!

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