Horror 365 Movie(s) 341: Thrift Store Thursday XV

First off, I have to brag on myself a little bit. I wrote a pretty glowing review of Wekufe: The Origin Of Evil. Now, my social media game is decidedly not on point. Or en pointe. Apparently there’s no difference. My pointe is, I’m not great with the whole social media self-promotion thing. I do, however, have a Facebook page for our modest little blog. And it was on that page that I received a thank you message from Javier Attridge, Wekufe’s director.

I was stunned. Still am a bit. Anyway, on with today’s post.

It so happened that My Favorite Colleague needed to go to an Apple store. Sadly the one we used to have here in Norfolk closed, leaving the next nearest one located in a Virginia Beach mall. Normally I avoid Virginia Beach at all costs and regard it with the same level of contempt and loathing I reserve for The Sound Of Music or I’m Thinking Of Ending Things. Nonetheless, that was our option.

There were, however, a couple bright spots. One, of course, was the effervescent company of said companion. But a distant second was finding a Goodwill I hadn’t been to before. Naturally, I figured “I better go.” Seemed like a professional obligation. They had a decent number of DVDs, and I managed to find these here two right here.

I liked From Hell okay, and I’m a big fan of the graphic novel, and Gravedancers has been on my watchlist for a minute, so what the hell.

At first I also had Game Of Thrones Season 1. I haven’t seen a single minute of Game Of Thrones and originally never had any intention to. I don’t like George R. R. Martin and couldn’t slog through the first book. I tried. Really. However, I’m given to believe by folks in the know that anything I may not like about the series will be more than made up for in S1 by the presence of Peter Dinklage, so I figured “Eh. 5 DVDs for $5. I’ll have a go.”

This particular Goodwill sells DVDs at 2 for $3 or 5 for $5. As y’all may be aware, I have a pretty sizeable DVD collection. The downside of that is it becomes harder and harder to find stuff around the local thrift stores that I don’t already have. So imagine my dismay when I literally could not find 2 more DVDs I needed.

Do you see the problem? Some of you, no doubt, are thinking “I see a problem.”

I know. I know what you’re saying. “Hell with it just buy the 3.” But that goes so heavily against my weird sense of symmetry that I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and so, as sad as this made things in The Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion Lannister had to go. Oh well. I can always watch I Care A Lot again.

PS- I found out shortly after posting this that both cases were in fact empty. It’s my own fault for not checking. I mean, I don’t mind just handing 5 bucks to Goodwill, but hey!

5 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 341: Thrift Store Thursday XV

  1. Man… your post script… that’s the story of my fucking life right there…

    PS weirdly, I just put together something about game of thrones… it requires finishing and editing but that’s kind of a strange coincidence.

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