Horror 365 Movie(s) 353: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Evil Clown Movies

So yesterday I wrote about Gags The Clown. Naturally that put me in a clowny kinda head space which is not the most comfortable place to be cuz, like I said yesterday, fuck clowns. But it still seemed like it’d be fun to prop up the ol’ circus tent take a look at my Top 10 Evil Clown Movies. Hurry! Hurry! Step right this way!

#10 Terrifier (2016)

Art The Clown is a sick one, and he’s been around a minute. Before Terrifier, he’s the focal point of the horror anthology All Hallow’s Eve as well as 2 previous shorts, The 9th Circle and Terrifier. This movie might be a rough go for some folks. It’s a buh-loodbath with one particularly gruesome chainsaw scene.

#9 Clown (2014)

Poor Kent McCoy. All this put upon real estate agent wanted was to make his son’s birthday fun. Sadly, the clown he hired bails at the last minute. As fate would have it, Kent just happens across a clown costume in the basement of a house he’s selling. The only problem is that once the party’s over, Kent can’t get the costume off. Turns out it’s actually the skin of, wait for it, an Icelandic demon called a clöyne. Yeah, it sounds just as dumb in the movie. It’s great fun though.

#8 Stitches (2012)

Stitches is a kinda low-rent clown played by a guy named Richard Grindle. As is often the case, when he’s now a clown, Grindle’s kind of a seedy, scuzzy, less-than-reputable individual. Weird how often movie clowns are portrayed like this. Maybe, I dunno, it has something to do with John Wayne Gacy. Anyway, Stitches dies in a freak accident whilst doing some kid’s birthday party. Years later he comes back from the dead to exact his revenge.

#7 It (1990)

I mentioned this one not too long ago. I think there are ways in which Tim Curry’s Pennywise is more terrifying than Bill Skarsgard, mainly because Tim Curry mostly just looks like a clown while Skarsgard is, in fact, constantly unnerving. I think not knowing which Tim Curry you’re gonna get adds a certain amount of tension. Still, the 1990 version doesn’t age as gracefully as it could have, so here it is near the midway point. And speaking of Bill Skarsgard…

#6 It: Chapter One (2017)

I really liked this version, but like I said, Pennywise is, in this iteration, relentlessly terrifying. I get how that’s kinda the idea, but if his raison d’etre is to lure kids to him…well, you see my point.

#5 Wrinkles The Clown (2019)

Kinda weird how many clown movies came along after 2010. Surely that must indicate something about something, right? Some kinda weird psychosocial quirk in our collective subconscious? Kind of a Big Top Zeitgeist if you will. That said, this is one of the trend’s weirder moments. Wrinkles The Clown is described as a horror comedy documentary that may or may not in fact be a mockumentary. If you haven’t seen this one, there’s no describing it without giving anything away, but it’s well worth your time.

#4 Blood Harvest (1987)

Ah yes, The Marvelous Mervo, who begs the question “How do you make a clown even creepier than clowns already are?” The answer, you have a clown played by a hulking, unkempt-looking Tiny Tim. Plus you get to see him rock out on his uke whilst singing “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.” As a clown. Yeah. Good luck sleepin’ tonight.

#3 The Jester (2016-2019)

This is a series of 3 shorts in which a silent figure in orange suit, top hat, and grinning jester mask stops people and performs magic tricks. But that’s only the beginning. All 3 chapters are engaging, but the 1st is very much the strongest. You can find all of them easily on YouTube. I haven’t seen any word on this, but man would I love to see this as a feature one day.

#2 Gags The Clown (2018)

As I mentioned, this movie was the impetus for today’s list and is an extremely effective low-budget POV horror. Right up there with The Jester, where ever this guy goes, mayhem follows.

Honorable Mentions

These are movies that feature a clowns and/or clown references but don’t really focus primarily on an evil clown story: American Horror Story: Freakshow, Amusement, Poltergeist, House Of 1000 Corpses, 31, The Devil’s Rejects

#1 Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Was there any doubt at all that this cult classic was gonna be #1? I mean come on. Cotton candy cocoons that turn people into gelatin? Killer shadow puppets? Standard clown pranks that turn out to be lethal? All at the disposal of aliens that look like clowns who come to earth and slurp up liquefied humans and generally wreak havoc? What more could anyone possibly ask for? Well, a sequel, that’s what.

And there’s today’s nightmare fuel. If you have any favorites that aren’t on here, pop on that rubber nose, step right up, and leave me your titles in the Comments.

2 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 353: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Evil Clown Movies

  1. Thanks for the list of movies I’ll be sure to avoid!! 😁 Except for the It films, which I love but I always love Stephen King. And Killer Klowns From Outer Space since that movie is just lots of fun. No thanks on those other clowns, though!! 🤡

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