Horror 365 Movie(s) 362: Thrift Store Thursday XVIII

So my youngest daughter is in a dance group at her university, and they put on a show every semester. The school is only a couple of hours away, so I always drive up for it. There’s also a Goodwill there with a pretty sizeable DVD section, so I make sure I go early enough so as to stop in and endeavor to procure some stuff I ain’t got.

As I’ve mentioned previously, that’s getting harder and harder to accomplish. Still, I did manage to pick a few things up.

Anacondas- Who in their right mind would pass this by? Okay, almost anyone in their right mind. We here at Castle Blogferatu, however…well, if you know, you know.

Blood & Chocolate- Werewolves. Not a big fan. But I’ve heard nothing but good things about this, and for $2, one can’t really go too terribly wrong.

Cry_Wolf- I don’t know much at all about this movie other than the fact that one of the horror nerd YouTubers I follow (can’t for the life of me recall which one) mentioned liking it.

Fragile- Another one I’m unfamiliar with, but I like Calista Flockhart, and it was part of Fangoria’s Frightfest. Plus it’s Jaume Balagueró (Inside, To Let, the REC series).

Get Out- I’m not sure how I managed to not own this until now. I’ve seen it 5 times, including back to back screenings whilst it was in the theater.

Paranormal Activity 3- Yeah, as the series goes, this one’s a bit less than, but gotta complete the set, right?

Suspect Zero- I had this for a while but somehow managed to lose track of it somewheres. Probably more psychological thriller than straight up horror, but it is Ben Kingsley.

So there’s this week’s haul. More than I’ve been finding lately, so overall I’m pretty happy with it.



4 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 362: Thrift Store Thursday XVIII

  1. I’m always really annoyed with the shitty mainstream taste that people clearly have where I live as the charity shops have such a crap DVD selection! It’s all the same movies over & over. No, I do not want to buy a used copy of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Ugh. (Maybe people here just keep hold of their interesting DVDs??? Hmmm…) 🤔

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