Post #379 Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Horror YouTubers

Woof. It’s been but 2 days that I’ve been back teaching, and it’s already a long week. My nearly month-long break evaporated, and I accomplished virtually none of the magnificent goals I’d set for the cleaning and reorganizating of my living space. I did manage to do the dishes, so I guess that’s something.

My point is, I kinda didn’t get around to another blog entry last week, and here it is, suddenly a week later, and I just can’t bring myself to miss a Top 10 Tuesday. This week I’m focusing on The YouTubes. Ironically, when I started my 365 Project last December, an unexpected result was that I watched fewer movies instead of more. I did, however, watch a good deal of horror-related YouTube, so here are my 10 faves.

#10 Mista GG

This guy is interesting. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s got some good insights about horror movies and does a fine job covering stuff that’s wwwaaayyy less mainstream, specifically extreme horror, things like August Underground and other movies of that, uh, “level.” Obviously he’s not the only person to watch these, but he’s one of the few I’ve stumbled on who’s willing to talk about them.

#9 Jack Finch

Finch used to was on Top 5 Scary Videos (I believe he’s moved on) and was one of the first horror YouTubers I ever happened upon. I like Top 5 Scary Videos quite a bit, and there’s a number of folks on this list from that very channel. He seems like he knows his stuff and is a major fan of Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos material.

#8 Keegan Hughes

Another Top 5 Scary Videos guy who also delves into a good bit of Lovecraftian stuff along with horror movies etc. There’s something about his presentation style, like he’s in on a joke with his viewers. I don’t know why I feel that way, but I like it. It works for him. He’s also fun to watch when he pairs up with Lucy McPhee.

#7 Jess McDonell

Along with Top 5 Scary, there’s WhatCulture which covers loads of pop culture stuff. Specifically, I follow WhatCulture Horror, and Jess is one of my faves. Part of it is the content, but if I’m honest, part of it is the accent.

#6 Possessed By Horror

This is Sarah Hawkinson’s channel. Like Mista GG, I don’t always agree with her, but her content is good, and even when I disagree, she makes splendid points. I also very much like the fact that she talks about books as well as movies. She was the first person I saw who did a video about movies she refuses to watch, an idea I subsequently stole for Part I and II of my Banished Movie List a while back.

#5 Lucy McPhee

Lucy McPhee is my favorite from Top 5 Scary Videos, kinda their dark queen. She’s done a number of movie-related vids, but also delves into creepypastas, demonology, and just dark, creepy stuff in general. She also comes across as someone who really digs this stuff which is always a plus. She’s also friends with one of my favorite non-horror YouTubers, Joce Bedard (Sassy, Top 10 Central).

#4 Ash Millman

If Lucy McPhee is my favorite from Top 5 Scary Videos, Ash Millman is my favorite from WhatCulture Horror. She’s entertaining and seems to be both knowledgeable about and a huge fan of horror movies. Like Lucy McPhee, she seems to have a genuine love of the material. I especially like her responses when WhatCulture has a question they pose to a bunch of their presenters.

#3 Spooky Astronauts

Emma helms this channel out of Australia (I can’t find her last name). As always, I’m not always in agreement, but I always like to hear what she has to say about horror movies. I’m also a big fan of the streaming series she does in collaboration with Nightmare Maven (below) called Does This Offend You in which they review/discuss a couple of related movies and often serve up some potentially questionable opinions (though I haven’t known them to be wrong yet).

#2 Bleeding Critic

The analyses on this channel are interesting and well thought out. Oh, and he presents in a creepy clown mask. The combination of his accent and his ultracalm delivery ramps up the sinister factor, almost like he’s critiquing a movie whilst preparing for a torture session that involves you handcuffed to a chair bolted to the floor of a basement. Yeah, this one is out there.

#1 Nightmare Maven

And yet again, a toss-up between #2 and #1. At first, I thought Bleeding Critic might edge things out, but I have to give the nod to Nightmare Maven. Not sure what her name is. I think it’s Vicky? But I love her! I’ve seen way more of her book review videos than her movie reviews, and she’s added countless books to my To Read List. I think her channel was the first place I heard about Nick Cutter’s book The Troop. Incidentally, I used this image because she’s talking about Frogs, and as y’all may know, Frogs is one of my all time most favoritest movies in the history of ever.

And those are some YouTubers I watch with some frequency. Not gonna lie, I kinda hope some of them find this post and stop by to say hi and/or make some comments. How about y’all? Who do you watch? Let me know in The Comments.

PS—Ranker (which I kinda hate) also has a list of horror YouTubers. Coincidentally nothing from their list is on here. Huh.

4 thoughts on “Post #379 Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Horror YouTubers

  1. Hi 👋 I’m Vicky (Nightmare Maven) thank you so much for checking out my channel and for the kind words! I’m always happy to add to others’ TBRs as mine is soooooo outta control 😉 and thanks for the Does This Offend You love. We love doing those streams!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi back! Thanks for reading and commenting! That’s so cool! I love your channel and have a long list of books to get to from watching. You made me a big Nick Cutter fan.


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