Post #386: A Podcast? What?

That’s right, true believers, it looks like the podcast is finally gonna get off the ground! Along with my good buddy Jorge Mendez, Podferatu (what the hell else would we call it?) will be hitting the podcast world very soon.

So, what can y’all expect? Horror. All the horror. Mostly movies, but not exclusively. We’ll no doubt be delving into all kinds of horror media. Obviously we’ll be doing lots of reviews and discussions, but again, not exclusively. We’ll also be talking collectibles, checking out some haunts/attractions, hitting up various conventions, and looking out for the otherwise generally weird, bizarre, and macabre.

There’s not a whole lot there yet, but you can also check out and subscribe to the Podferatu home page to stay up to date on the latest episodes. You will also be able to avail yourself of our social media once that’s all up and running as well. Listen if you dare (wow, that’s cheesy…but you’re not surprised).

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