Post #387: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Streaming Services For Horror

I covered a few of these briefly in Post #249 back in August, and thought it’d be A Good And Useful Thing to revisit a list of streaming services I use on the regular. Some of these have improved, some have gone downhill, and some are here solely for one or two specific reasons.

I did have Prime for awhile but didn’t really use it enough in terms of shipping to pay for itself. It was solely for movies, and there was a time when one could find pretty good stuff for free as a member. The sun has long ago set on that bygone golden age as fewer and fewer of the titles I’m interested in, when they’re available at all, aren’t free with subscription.

I find this unreasonable. No horror nerd, no matter how devoted, should be forced to shell out even ¢99 for The Green Slime for instance. So yeah, fuck Jeffy. I do, however, retain my Roku. There’s a big ol’ heapin’ heppin’ of weird little channels where one cant watch whatever movie is running at the moment (so timing is, of course, everything). That’s another post entirely.

So, here’s a ranking of my Top 10 Streaming Services For Horror.

#10 Hulu

This is the first of two services that I keep around for one specific reason. In this case, that’s the Into The Dark series. I love S1, but so far I’ve only made it to E3 is S2. Not sure if I’ll keep Hulu after I finish S2. I tried getting into Castle Rock, but couldn’t sustain it. Maybe I’ll give that another shot. My problem with Hulu is that I get it free with Spotify Premium. For obvious reasons, I need to shitcan Spotify. Yeah, that’ll show ’em. So I’ll either have to subscribe to Hulu or let it go.

#9 Netflix

The other channel that’s only on here for one reason. In this case, that’s two words: Black Mirror. Holy hell does this series creep me the fuck out. For one thing, a helluva lot of it is just so damn plausible, like “The National Anthem” and “Shut Up And Dance.” Others are just unnerving and bleak, like “Playtest.” And some, like “The Waldo Experience,” manage to check all 3 of those boxes.

#8 Kanopy

This is a great setup for any movie fan. You subscribe through your local (or institutional if you’re a student) library if they participate. Their selection is pretty damn good, and it’s often a great place to find stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

#7 Full Moon Channel

Charles Band movies can be pretty hit or miss for me, but a good number of Full Moon flicks like Puppet Master and  Subspecies speak for themselves. Others like Baby Oopsie and Head Of The Family speak for themselves as well in, uh, some form or other. If you know, you know. They also have cool merch and collectibles and run a good number of deals that offer some kinda perk like a free year or 10 DVDs from their catalogue. Yes please duh.

#6 POV Horror

This is a Roku streaming channel that’s run by the good folks at Found Footage Critic. Big number of titles that are otherwise tricksy to find. It’s a rabbit hole I can tunnel through for days.

#5 Dark Matter TV

A surprising little service that turns up some much sought after nuggets here and there. Also a more than respectable Full Moon selection if you’re a double fowl single brick kinda folks.

#4 Screambox

I subscribed to this and kinda forgot about it. $40 a year, but gives you access to all the Masters Of Horror movies and 13 Nights Of Elvira. The reason it’s not higher on this list is that I haven’t explored much of it yet.

#3 Shudder

I’ve been following these folks around off and on since they first started. I don’t think their selection always holds up as well as it could, so I tend to come and go with my subscription. Still, they have a series here and there that’s well worth following, particularly Creepshow, Eli Roth’s History Of Horror, and The Last Drive-In. Hell Joe Bob Briggs alone is well worth the price of admission.

#2 HBO Max

It genuinely pains me to acknowledge this channel, but I gotta say, I was taken aback. I watched The Last Wave on here, and I was freakin’ gobsmacked by the number of forgotten classics they have, especially from the exploitation and giallo genres.

#1 Tubi

I love Tubi, and as far as horror titles go, they’re still slappin’ the immortal piss outta just about anyone who dares step into the ring. I routinely see stuff on Tubi that I can’t find any place else. I considered dinging them for being ad driven, but A) I just couldn’t face myself in the mirror if I put HBO first, and 2) Tubi is free. Free is still a magic word around here at Castle Blogferatu.

So there’s my list of streaming services. What did I miss? What should I check out? Let me know in The Comments.

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