Post #392: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Minor Horror Movie Characters (You Should Remember)

I was inspired by totally freakin’ stole this idea from a WhatCulture Horror list Jess did recently—10 Minor Horror Movie Characters Everybody Remembers. So I thought I’d come up with another 10 of my own.

#10 Eyeball Robot (“Captain Sternn,” Heavy Metal)

I loved the magazine Heavy Metal, much to the consternation of my mother and her mother, so when the movie hit theaters in 1981, I couldn’t wait to sneak in (which I had to do since it was rated R, and I was only 16). Don’t worry, I bought a ticket. I’m not that unethical. I just bought a ticket for a PG movie then slinked into Heavy Metal all unbeknownst. Anyway, the little eyeball robot from this segment stood out to me more than the actual characters.

#9 Harry The Hunter (Beetljuice)

No lines, just a great visual gag.

#8 The Crypt Keeper (Tales From The Crypt)

No no not the TV show, the 1972 Freddie Francis flick. Sir Ralph Richardson is The Crypt Keeper, in this case just a guy in a monk’s robe. The selling point is when he breaks the 4th wall as asks, “And now. Who’s next? Perhaps you?”

#7 Buddy (Bone Tomahawk)

An extremely soft spoken Buddy (Sid Haig) flees a robbery/murder with Purvis (David Arquette) when they come upon the troglodytes’ burial ground. After tracheotomy by arrow, Buddy is slaughtered by one of the trogs whilst the ever loyal Purvis runs away.

#6 Mr. Fromm (Carrie)

Sydney Lassick played Mr. Fromm, the English teacher what got electrocuted with a microphone. The reason that’s significant is he was also Charlie Cheswick in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The reason that’s significant is cuz after a ruckus involving him, McMurphy, and Chief Bromden, they all get taken for shock treatment at which point Cheswick completely loses his shit.

#5 Tub Girl (Halloween II)

I couldn’t resist using the phrase “tub girl,” and if you don’t know what that is, I strongly urge you to avoid finding out. Seriously. You don’t wanna know. The one in this case though is Karen Bailey, the nurse who thinks she ’bout to get busy with her mans in the ol’ physical therapy whirlpool. This is a particularly vicious little scene and remains tough to watch even today.

#4 Giant Venus Fly Trap (Creepshow II)

Okay, it’s a creature more than a character. And it’s animated. But still. I like how the animation has a kinda Don Bluth quality to it, and who doesn’t enjoy seeing Rhino, the big stupid bully, get chomped?

#3 Martha Higgins (The Tingler)

What do you do if your movie’s premise concerns a parasite that feeds on fear and that can only kill it if you scream? Well, you have it attack someone who’s mute of course.

#2 Mrs. Slydes (House On Haunted Hill)

In her final film appearance, Leona Anderson appears in what I still regard as one of the all-time greatest jump scares in cinema history. It’s not clear why one of the caretakers is in this particular room in this particular position, but man it comes outta nowhere.

#1 The Demon Twins (American Mary)

It’s no secret that I adore the Soska Sisters, and I love love lllooovvve this movie! Mary is a medical student who stumbles into the world of extreme body modification and starts performing underground surgeries to pay for med school. Jen and Sylvia Soska make a cameo as twins who host a body modification website and want to exchange left forearms with each other. Like ya do.

And there’s my list. Definitely check out Jess’s list on WhatCulture Horror, and let me know in The Comments who your favorite minor characters are.


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