Post #394: Update, Etc.

Right, so, things have been in quite the tizzy of late here in Castle Blogferatu. By and large, this is due to Podferatu, the new up and running podcast. Sooo many people I know suggested I start one of these things. “Do a podcast,” they said. “It’ll be simple,” they said.

Lies. All lies.

I mean, initially it was simple. Download Audacity, grab a Blue Yeti mic, and we’re off to the races, yes?


For one thing, I’ve come to find out that a startling number of people have problems getting my particular mic to work with their computer. I was one of these people. I looked up all kindsa solutions on bunches of forums (fora?), tried them all, and…


The solution? The unbranded $20 mic Jorge happened to have on hand. Worked spectacularly.

Okay, to be fair, that’s really the only major hurdle up to this point, but there have been some minor obstacles here and there as well. One of these was, sadly, this very blogging platform. I’ve never been a big fan of WordPress in general. I was on Blogger for a long time until, for a while there, it became solely for blog creation, and one had to find a different platform to host the blog itself.

So yeah, WordPress.

I tried putting up a page for Podferatu on here, but holy crap is it needlessly complicate, and WordPress isn’t exactly transparent even at the best of times. It does lots of stuff, but figuring out how to make it do what I want the way I want can be ponderous. There’s also some weirdness trying to operate two blogs with two separate Gmails since Google connects all my shit and just don’t have the knowledge, wherewithal, or inclination to figure out a way around that.

Fortunately, Blogger doesn’t require a separate hosting platform anymore. That said, lemme say a word about themes. That word would be jesusfuckingchrist. WordPress, Blogger, whatever, I have yet to find any theme, premium or free, that does everything I want the way I want. They all have limitations. The layout is stupid, or it doesn’t do X, or I can’t use the colors I want and so on and so forth.

The point is, this is a process, and it’s been taking eatin’ up good deal of time. On top of all this, last week was spring break at my institute of employment, so I didn’t do a damn thing the entire time.

Cuz break.

All of this serves as a long-winded means of saying that I’ll be cutting back on blogging for a while. I’m not quitting. I’m just not sticking to any kind of regular schedule so’s I can focus on Podferatu. If you’re reading this, come give us a listen. We’re stumblin’ along, but we’re havin’ fun doin’ it.


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