So I thought it might behoove me to put up a Podferatu page here on Blogferatu as well. For now, I can only provide links to the episodes because you can’t embed the player in WordPress.

Okay that’s not entirely true. You can. As long as you upgrade to the $25 a month Business Plan which is billed annually  at $300 (despite the fact that this is not, in fact, a small business and does not, in fact, turn a fucking profit)!

So yeah. Links.

Or, you can check us out on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. There’s also Podferatu.com.

Episode 1: Top 5 Remakes

In which the lads lay out their 5 favorite remakes each, and cap it off with their picks for a movie that should be remade. Also, be listening for a guest appearance by Jorge’s white bearded dragon, Igloo.

Episode 0: Trailer

In which we meet Jorge and JT as they discuss why, for good and/or ill, they made this mad decision to start a horror podcast.