Yep, I have a working VCR and a small (anything under double digits is small) collection of stuff on VHS. If you’d like to know why, check out The Curse Of Physical Media Part III.

  1. 2000 Year Old Man, The
  2. Address Unknown
  3. Art Of Sugarcraft Volume 4 Sugarcraft Flowers, The
  4. Avengers, The (1965-67)
  5. Cafe Cappucino: How To Set Up, Operate And Enjoy Your New Machine
  6. Carrotblanca
  7. Cuisinart: How To Use Your Food Processor
  8. David Leadbetter’s Practice Makes Perfect
  9. Die Super-Hitparade Der Volksmusic 3
  10. Dr. Wanda Davis: No More Drama
  11. Drywall
  12. Easy Set Pool Instructional Video
  13. Electrical
  14. Face-Masters Of Beverly Hills: Instructional Video
  15. Flower Arranging By Ada Lynn
  16. Future-Kill
  17. Hidden Keys To Loving Relationships
  18. Hidden Treasure
  19. House That Screamed II: Hellgate, The
  20. Invasion Of The Saucer Men
  21. Islander Sewing Systems: Pants Etc!
  22. J.R.R. Tokien: Master Of The Rings
  23. Jayne Mansfield Story, The
  24. Jerry Falwell And The Old Time Gospel Hour: The Truth About Aids
  25. Joy To The World With Bill & Gloria Gaither
  26. Learn Country Line Dancin” Vol. 3
  27. Learn To Use The Internet
  28. Let’s Ask The Animals
  29. Masque Of The Red Death
  30. Minolta Freedom Cameras: Turn Moments Into Memories
  31. Mystery Of Chess Boxing
  32. Night Holds Terror, The
  33. Plumbing
  34. Prisoner, The (complete series)
  35. Record Of Lodoss War (Ep. 7-9)
  36. Riding Mower Safety Presented By Toro
  37. Secrets To Perfect Hair
  38. Shalom Sesame: Passover
  39. Shaping, Lighting, Decorating: A Professional Looking Tree Made Simple!
  40. Slammin’ Sam Snead: An American Sports Legend
  41. Stepford Husbands, The
  42. Techniques Of The Barista
  43. Trial Of A Serial Killer
  44. Warranty Teamwork: You, Your Builder & HBW
  45. Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown