Post #397: What’s Goin’ On?

If you’re still one of the few folks still hangin’ around on the blog, you may have noticed a good bit of stuff has disappeared. Well, there’s a reason for that. See, I’m gearin’ up to start doin’ some Patreon stuff with Podferatu. One of the tiers I might be including is access to some posts as well as some more in-depth analyses.

But fear not, true believers! If you’re a die-hard visitor to Castle Blogferatu, you will never, ever be forgotten or left out in the cold! In the event that I link any blog stuff to Patreon, I will still let a special few of y’all who are near and dear to my heart have Extra Special Double Secret Clearance for any written stuff what gets posted!

More to come…

Post #396: So Here’s The Thing

Nosferatu ink, Brandon Glass

I know, I know, things have been awfully quiet around Castle Blogferatu. Too quiet in fact. Well, there are some good reasons for that. If you’ve followed along with any regularity, you know that I did a “post a day for a year” project. It had…mixed results. On one hand, I logged a shit-ton of stuff about movies I love and did a big ol’ heapin’ heppin’ of word writin’ as a result. On the other hand, I may have burned myself out on it.

The last couple months got increasingly chore-like, something to get done. Kinda killed the joy which I think the posts unfortunately reflect.

On the other other hand, I’d been playing around for some time with the idea of a podcast and finally took the plunge along with my buddy Jorge Mendez. We got some ideas together and launched our first episode, Top 5 Movie Horror Movie Remakes, just over a couple months ago.

And good gravy Marie has it been a blast! I love writing about horror movies, but I really love talking about them, so much so that we’re moving up to weekly episodes rather than our current biweekly schedule. Still, I feel a little bad about abandoning Blogferatu and the three of you who’ve steadfastly read it. Not sure what, if anything, to do about that.

Anyway. I hope y’all will join us at Podferatu. I think it brings back the spirit with which I started Blogferatu in the first place. I very much hope to get at least a couple of y’all on as guests afore long (ahem, Film Miasma and Cinema Parrot Disco, ahem ahem).

Still…there is something appealing about getting to a nice even 400 posts.


Post #395: To Be Fair…

Okay okay I was a little miffed I admit. But come on. Everything I posted on Friday was, to my knowledge at the time, accurate. And annoying.


After a couple more days, a little more exploring/experimentation, I stand corrected. Now, I did have to pay an $80 redemption fee. And all the other stuff I said about themes never doing all the things I want where and how I want them yada yada yada, all still true.

But, once I got the fee paid and the domain unlocked, everything this morning took about 10 minutes. On top of which, turns out I can embed podcast episodes to the site, and I don’t have to have upgrade to the Business tier to do it.

So I guess yay WordPress. Kinda.