This isn’t me. It’s Chilly Billy Cardille.

Been a big horror nerd since I was a kid. Many formative years spent with my mom’s youngest sister who was kind of a hippie (in Pittsburgh?) but loooved her some horror. Cut my teeth on Chilly Billy Cardille’s Chiller Theater, Dark Shadows, and Thing Theater. Very happy to have found Svengoolie again. All my life I wanted to be a Horror Host (). But my first, truest, and most abiding love has always been for horror movies.


In “normal” life, I act like an English teacher, writer, and dad. I compulsively collect stickers and t-shirts from blogs, podcasts, bars, bookstores, coffee joints, music stores, tattoo shops, etc.

I smoke pipes, get tattoos, and pet strangers’ dogs.

Ah Scorpio, how I loved you so.

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