About You
You’re tired.
Tired of mainstream reviews of formulaic mainstream big studio features.
Tired of precious hipsters who don’t know what cult classic really means.
Tired of people who refuse to read subtitles (or anything else).
This blog is for you.

About Blogferatu
I review & discuss horror stuff (or at least stuff I can nominally connect to horror).
Not just any stuff.
Movies mostly but also books, events, & anything else I go all stark raving about.
I want the quirky, the weird, the schlocky, the off center (the stuff that’s like me & maybe like you).

naroAbout Upcoming Features
The Naro Escape: Once a month, I’ll grab & review something from my local (arguably the ultimate) video joint, Naro Expanded Video.
Holiday Posts: For me, that means Halloween & Friday The 13th.
Anything else I can think of: Suggestions?



This isn’t me. It’s Chilly Billy Cardille.

About Me
Geeked out about horror since I was a kid.
Many formative years spent with my mom’s youngest sister who was kind of a hippie (in Pittsburgh?) but loooved her some horror.
Cut my teeth on Dark Shadows, Chilly Billy Cardille’s Chiller Theater & Thing Theater, so all my life I wanted to be a Horror Host.

I act like an English teacher, writer, & dad in “normal” life. I love tattoos, compulsively collect stickers & t-shirts from blogs, podcasts, bars, bookstores, coffee joints, music stores, tattoo shops, etc.

I pet strangers’ dogs.


Ah Scorpio, how I loved you so.

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