Neverending Book List

Lest some of you wayward souls who frequent the addled pages of this blog get the wrong idea, I do also read. Again, it’s mostly horror, though I do sometimes delve into some poetries and nonfiction here and there, especially people who write about food…good lord & (appropriately) butter those folks can fuckin’ write.

So it seemed only fitting that I regale you with a list of the horror related stuff in my library. The ones I haven’t read yet are bolded whilst those I’ve read and/or used as reference are rated using ye trustye olde Skull Scale (obviously with some adjustments for said medium). Like The Neverending Movie List, here’s how it works.

Skull Scale
0 Unreadable (even for me)
1-2 Had potential, still sucked
3 Tolerable (juuuuuuust barely)
4 Read and forget
5 Not completely sorry I read it
6 Somewhat better than average
7 Fairly entertaining/helpful
8 Campy and/or lotsa fun
9 Pretty damn good/Highly entertaining/useful
10 Definitely well worth reading/having
11 Damn fine bit of word writin’
12 Must read/have for various subjective and/or literary and/or reference reasons
13 Required reading, class. This will be on the test.

This is utterly subjective. A high score may not indicate artistic genius. A low score may not indicate raging incompetence. For your further amusement and bemusement, for books I’ve read multiple times, I’ve included that number in parentheses (because I know you’re dying to have all this information).

  1. 101 Chilling Tales (ed. Stefan Dziamianowicz)
  2. 101 Horrifying Tales (ed. Stefan Dziamianowicz)
  3. A Man Jumps Out Of An Airplane (Barry Yourgrau)  12
  4. Again, Dangerous Visions (Harlan Ellison)
  5. American Gods (Neil Gaiman)  11
  6. Ancient Images (Ramsey Campbell)
  7. B List, The (David Sterritt, John C. Anderson)
  8. Barlowe’s Guide To Extraterrestrials (Wayne Barlowe, Ian Summers)  13
  9. Bazarre Of Bad Dreams, The (Stephen King)  8
  10. Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, The (Laird Barron)
  11. Best Horror From Fantasy Tales, The (ed. Stephen Jones, David Sutton)
  12. Book Of Beasts, The (trans. T.H. White)  12
  13. Book Of Cthulhu (ed. Ross Lockhart)  10
  14. Book Of Cthulhu II (ed. Ross Lockhart)  10
  15. Book Of Horror, The: The Anatomy Of Fear In Film (Matt Glasby)
  16. Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)  13
  17. Brave New World Revisited (Aldous Huxley)  13
  18. Bring On The Bad Guys (Stan Lee)  13
  19. Carrie (Stephen King)
  20. Cat’s Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut)  13 (4)
  21. Cheap Movie Tricks (Ricky Bird)
  22. Childhood Of An Equestrian, The (Russell Edson)  13
  23. Chilling Horror Stories (Flame Tree Publishing)
  24. Choke (Chuck Palahniuk)
  25. Classic Ghost Stories (ed. Robin Brockman)
  26. Classic Tales Of Horror (ed. Robin Brockman)
  27. Clockwork Orange, A (Anthony Burgess)  13 (4)
  28. Collapse Of Horses, A (Brian Evenson)  10
  29. Come Along With Me (Shirley Jackson)  13
  30. Conspiracy Against The Human Race, The (Thomas Ligotti)  10
  31. Creature Features (John Stanley)  13
  32. Creeps, The (Fran Krause)  11
  33. Cult Horror Films (Welch Everman)  11
  34. Damned (Chuck Palahniuk)
  35. Dandelion Wine (Ray Bradbury)
  36. Danse Macabre (Stephen King)  13 (3)
  37. Dead Sea (Brian Keene)
  38. Deep Dark Fears (Fran Krause)  11
  39. Deep, The (Nick Cutter)
  40. Demons By Daylight (Ramsay Campbell)  13
  41. Devil, The (Luther Link)  13
  42. Different Seasons (Stephen King)
  43. Domain (James Herbert)
  44. Dungeon Master’s Guide (Wizards Of The Coast)  13—yes I’m including my D&D books cuz, if for no other reason, I include a lot of horror elements in my campaigns. Plus it’s my damn list
  45. Emily The Strange Vol. 2 (Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner, Buzz Parker)
  46. Everything’s Eventual (Stephen King)
  47. Family Upstairs, The (Lisa Jewell)
  48. Feast Of Blood, A (ed. Charles M. Collins)  11
  49. Film Encyclopedia 7th Edition (Ephraim Katz, Ronald Dean Nolan)  13
  50. Film Noir (Alain Silver, Elizabeth M. Ward)  13
  51. Floating Dragon (Peter Straub)  6
  52. Four Past Midnight (Stephen King)
  53. Freaky In Fresno (Laurie Boyle Crompton)
  54. Ghost Story (Peter Straub)
  55. Good Omens (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett)
  56. Great Tales Of Horror And The Supernatural (ed. Phyllis Cerf Wagner, Herbert Wise)  13
  57. Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection (Grimtooth The Troll)  12
  58. H.P. Lovecraft Selects: Classic Horror Stories (ed. Stafan Dziemianowicz)
  59. Haunted (Chuck Palahniuk)  10
  60. Herder Symbol Dictionary, The (Herder Freiburg)  12
  61. Hollow Ones, The (Guillermo Del Toro, Chuck Hogan)
  62. Horror Times Ten (ed. Alden H. Norton)  11
  63. House Next Door, The (Anne Rivers Siddons)  11
  64. Human Use Of Human Beings, The (Norbert Wiener)
  65. I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie (Roger Ebert)  13
  66. Improbable Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (John Joseph Adams)  12
  67. In The Woods (Tana French)
  68. Incredibly Dead Pets Of Rex Dexter, The (Aaron Reynolds)
  69. Introduction To Film, An (Sobchack & Sobchack)  13
  70. Invention Of Sound, The (Chuck Palahniuk)
  71. Lair (James Herbert)
  72. Late Great Future, The (ed. Gregory Fitz Gerald, John Dillon)
  73. Let Me Tell You (Shirley Jackson)  11
  74. Likeness, The (Tana French)
  75. Lisey’s Story (Stephen King)  9
  76. Living Dead, The (George Romero, Daniel Kraus)
  77. Long After Midnight (Ray Bradbury)  11
  78. Lovecraft: Four Classic Horror Stories (I.N.J. Culbard)
  79. Lost Village, The (Carmilla Sten)
  80. Lurker In The Lobby: A Guide To The Cinema Of H.P. Lovecraft (Andrew Migliore, John Strysik)
  81. Hellfire Club, The (Peter Straub)
  82. Magic (William Goldman)
  83. Mall Of Cthulhu, The (Seamus Cooper)
  84. Mexican Gothic (Silvia Moreno-Garcia)
  85. Monster Manual (Wizards Of The Coast)  13
  86. My Crowd (Charles Addams)  12
  87. My Favorite Horror Story (ed. Mike Baker, Martin H. Greenberg)  13
  88. Necrnomnomnom: Recipes And Rites From The Lore Of H.P. Lovecraft (Mike Slater)  12
  89. Neonomicon (Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows)  9
  90. New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird (ed. Paula Guran) 12
  91. Night Shift (Stephen King)  13 (4)
  92. Nightmare USA: The Untold Story Of The Exploitation Independents (Stephen Thrower)
  93. On Writing (Stephen King)  13 (2)
  94. On Writing Horror (Horror Writers Association)  7
  95. Other, The (Tom Tryon)  9
  96. Origins Of Marvel Comics (Stan Lee)  13
  97. Paperbacks From Hell: The Twisted History Of 70s And 80s Horror Fiction (Grady Hendrix)
  98. Penny Dreadfuls: Sensational Tales Of Terror (ed. Stefan Dziamianowicz)
  99. Perdido Street Station (China Miéville)
  100. Player Piano (Kurt Vonnegut)  13
  101. Poe—Stories And Poems: A Graphic Novel Adaptation  (Gareth Hinds)  11
  102. Poet (Michael Connelly)
  103. Power Of Myth, The (Joseph Campbell)  13 (4)
  104. Prince Ombra (Roderick MacLeish)  10
  105. Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film, The (Michael Weldon)  13
  106. Re/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films (V. Vale)  11
  107. Sandy Petersen’s Field Guide To Lovecraftian Horrors (Sandy Petersen)  10
  108. Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos (Sandy Petersen)  12
  109. Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia In The 1980s (Kier-La Janisse, Paul Corupe)  11
  110. Scarred For Life Volume One: The 1970s (Stephen Brotherstone, Dave Lawrence)  13
  111. Scary Stories: The Complete 3-Book Collection (Alvin Schwartz)
  112. Science Fiction Short Stories (ed. Conor Powers-Smith)
  113. Secret Life Of Movies, The (Simon Brew)
  114. Searching Dead, The (Ramsey Campbell)
  115. Seeing Is Believing (Peter Biskind)
  116. Shadows Over Innsmouth (ed. Stephen Jones)
  117. Shining, The (Stephen King)  12
  118. Shot On This Site (William A. Gordon)
  119. Slaughterhouse-Five (Kurt Vonnegut)  5
  120. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys (April Genevieve Tucholke)
  121. Sleaze Merchants, The: Adventures In Exploitation Filmmaking (John MCarty)
  122. Sleazoid Express (Bill Landis, Michelle Clifford)
  123. Son Of Origins Of Marvel Comics (Stan Lee)  12
  124. Song For The Unraveling Of The World (Brian Evenson)
  125. Songs Of A Dead Dreamer (Thomas Ligotti)  12
  126. Step Right Up! I’m Gonna Scare The Pants Off America (William Castle)
  127. Superhero Women, The (Stan Lee)  12
  128. Rats, The (James Herbert)
  129. Tales From The Yawning Portal (Wizards Of The Coast)  12
  130. Tales Of Terror (H.P. Lovecraft)
  131. Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos (ed. Jim Turner)  12
  132. Tarot Spells (Janza Renee)  12
  133. Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything (Wizards RPG Team)  10
  134. Three By Flannery O’Connor (Flannery O’Connor)
  135. Tormented Mirror, The (Russell Edson)  11
  136. Troop, The (Nick Cutter)  12
  137. Tunnel, The (Russell Edson)  13
  138. Twisted (Steve Cavanagh)
  139. Two Sams, The (Glen Hirshberg)
  140. Unsafe On Any Screen (Scott S. Phillips)  13
  141. Unicorn Variations (Roger Zelazny)  10
  142. Uses Of Enchantment, The (Bruno Bettelheim)  13
  143. Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft (Wizards Of The Coast)  12
  144. Voice Imitator, The (Thomas Bernhard)  11
  145. We Have Always Lived In The Castle (Shirley Jackson)  13
  146. Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth (Stephen Jones)
  147. Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth (Stephen Jones)
  148. What Is Time To A Pig? (John Straley)
  149. World War Z (Max Brooks)  9
  150. Xanathar’s Guide To Everything (Wizards RPG Team)  10
  151. Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide (Glenn Kay)  13
  152. Zombie Survival Guide, The (Max Brooks)  13 (2)
  153. Zombie Survival Guide, The: Recorded Attacks (Max Brooks, Ibraim Roberson)  13 (2)