Episode 54: 5 Super Summer Camp Slasher Movies

Episode 54: 5 Super Summer Camp Slasher Movies Podferatu

In which Jorge and JT pack up their tents, sleeping bags, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and make for the great outdoors…or not.


The Burning
Cabin Fever
Camp Murder
Don’t Fuck In The Woods
Fear Street Part Two: 1978
Rituals (aka The Creeper)
Ruin Me
Sleepaway Camp
Summer Camp

NEXT WEEK: Television Terrors


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Back?? Again???

Right. So a short time back, I popped in to Castle Blogferatu just to pick up a few things. Whilst I was here, I spied a comment from Madame Verdurin over at Cinemuffin. She said, “Hi, don’t know if you still haunt your Gloomy Castle from time to time, just wanted to say hi and I miss your blog very much.”

Well damn.

I was really touched. I’ve only gotten one comment about the podcast, and even that was from Film Miasma, another one of the ol’ Blogferatites. In fact I used to get regular comments on the blog from the 3 or so of you who read it.

So why did I quit?  Part of it was Podferatu. I knew the only way a podcast was ever gonna happen was if I flung myself into it on an all-or-nothing basis.

It’s what I do.

Another big contributing factor, however, was an experiment I had tried: writing a blog post every day for a year. It was a valuable experience. For one thing, it forced me to become very disciplined.

I also had to find ways to keep the writing of it interesting for me (hence stuff like Top Ten Tuesday, Thrift Store Thursday, Full Moon Friday, themed months).

Sadly, this brilliant plan also backfired. Severely. By the end of that year, the writing had become such drudgery, and I absolutely hated the fact that it had become a chore. I hate chores. Chores feel like work, and all my colleagues over the last 30 years can tell you how I feel about work.

But now, here we are, and I gotta say, bein’ back on the site and blasting away like this (on the Classic Editor thank you very much. Fuck that Block Editor crap) feels very much like having come home. And that leads me to think, “Y’know…there’s no reason why the podcast’s website can’t be Blogferatu.”

Really it’s the best of all possible worlds.

I can post all the episode links here, but I can also blog about all kinds of stuff that is directly, indirectly, confusingly, circuitously, or delusionally associated with The Podcast. That includes follow-up, explanations, deep dives into an episode or its subject matter,..who knows?

Why didn’t I realize this sooner? It’s a fine question. Part of my problem is that once I get an idea that A Thing has to be A Certain Way, then That Way somehow becomes The Only Way that said Thing can possibly be done. After some time passes, I settle the fuck down.

So if you were a Castle Blogferatu visitor before, I sincerely hope you’ll join me again. I missed this place more than I realized, and missed y’all folks terribly (especially Cinema Parrot Disco, Cinemuffin, Film Miasma).

Obviously I’ll slowly have to revisit, retool, and retrofit, a few things–update The Neverending Movie List, link all the previous Podferatu episodes, that kinda stuff. So, yeah, more to come. Sláinte!