Summer Reruns 2: Dark Shadows

No, not the Ben Cross mini-series (which did not, pardon me, completely suck). And certainly not the Tim Burton “Look at me acting like Tim Burton” version. No, this is the original 1966-1971 ABC series in all its Gothic supernatural glory. And this is a tough one. I mean, if you’re a fan, there’s nothing I really need to say. If you’ve never seen it, where the hell do I begin?Read More »

We’re Back! With Summer Reruns!

So, we took a little unannounced break. Call it what passes for a wee summer vacation here at Castle Blogferatu. We’ll probably take it easy for most of the summer in fact, but not completely. There will still be some posts to check out along the way, so we’re back, back with a new special little summer project for your dining and dancing pleasure:

Summer Reruns!

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Oh, Brainiac, Where Have You Been All My Life?

One fine Monday afternoon at ye olde video shoppe, the indefatigable Tim Cooper and I were talking about bad horror movies, and he asked if I remembered the name of the movie in which the antagonist eats people’s brains with a spoon.

I had no idea what he was talking about which shocked me mightily. I mean, how could I have possibly missed such a thing?

He soon remembered it was called The Brainiac (U.S. release. It was El Baron Del Terror in Mexico) and fetched it from the Cult section. Clearly it was a professional obligation (if not a moral imperative) that I take it home and watch it.

Which I did.

Three times in a row.

Cuz damn.Read More »

Horrificus Romanus: I, Claudius

It may be some time, if at all, since you last delved into the vicious and lethal grandeur of Rome as it was portrayed in I, Claudius.  After all, Robert Graves’s book was first published in 1934. The BBC series first aired in 1976. In Pittsburgh, it ran on WQED, the local PBS station. My father watched it religiously.

So it was with more than a little nostalgia that I recently took to the series again. Fair warning: the first three episodes? Slow going. But you owe it to yourself the wade through them. That’s when the intrigues, mayhem, and bloodshed take off exponentially.

This includes what I find to be several fine horror sequences, things that are horrific not so much in terms of gore (there really isn’t any, though some is strongly implied).


No, this is more often malevolence on a psychological level. Implacable Kafka-esque bureaucracy as in, say, The Trial. Creepy outright ickiness. Or just death on a grand scale.

Here, then, is a wee sample.Read More »

A Cynic’s Look At Phantom Of The Opera (1943)

This post is part of the Singing Sweethearts Blogathon hosted by Rebekah at Pure Entertainment Preservation Society.

You might find it odd to find the denizens of Castle Blogferatu skulking about in such musical territory, especially on a day like this. The truth is, we like Valentine’s Day. The only difference is that here, all the hearts are, well, in jars.Read More »



I’ve been waiting all this foul year of our lord for K-Shop to be available in the U.S. Oh sure, several friends suggested a few methods, some less savory than others, by which I could have watched the UK version on my computer, and while I’m not the most ethical creature I know, I am one of the more paranoid.

So I waited.Read More »

50 Favorite Horror Moments

No, this is not an original idea. I started this list literally 5 minutes after reading Patton Oswalt’s list in the “Collected Writings On Film” chapter of Silver Screen Fiend. It’s good. You should read it. Even if you’re not a big ol’ movie nerd.

Originally I was going to list my 100 Favorite Movie Moments as well. Some time maybe I will, but given the kind of blog this happens to be, I felt it was only fair to list my favorite Horror Moments.

A few other points: 1) My goal was 100. A bit overly ambitious, so I settled for 50. 2) Horror moments aren’t limited to horror movies. 3) “Favorite” means many things- well composed, stunning, disturbing, silly, beautifully shot, gorgeous color, or just makes me happy in that cold, dark place where my heart should be. 4) Alphabetized for your safety and protection and so I don’t have to rank anything on any kind of scale. Here. We. Go.Read More »

Le Moine

Ah, the wonders of M.G. Lewis. Oh sure, Walpole’s 1764 Castle Of Otranto is considered the first horror novel, but give me Lewis’s The Monk nearly 30 years later. Sinful monks, evil nuns, illicit sex, infanticide, The Inquisition, torture, and The Devil himself.

What’s not to love?

So imagine my excitement when, whilst putting together horror questions for a trivia night I run at Bearded Bird Brewing (every Sunday at 4 he said shamelessly), I looked up The Monk and found Le Moine, Dominik Moll’s film adaptation. Clearly, I had a professional obligation to watch it.

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